Do Souls exists ?

We live in a world where we are surrounded by gadgets and technologies . Our society of the Earth is divided into following types of people :

  1. Religious ; 2. Atheist ( those who believe in only science) ; 3. Omnism( those who believe in peace and believe that every religion teaches us same things with different terminologies) ; 4.Spiritualists ( those who are spiritual )

The above catagories are formed on the basis of my observation. But one thing I would like to tell you that we live on Earth – THE MYSTERY PLANET . There are many things mother earth is keeping hidden from humanity. We travel through planes , trains , cars or even walk . But what if I tell you there is another form of travelling !

Earlier , the scientists and many philosophers have rejected the idea of ‘body having soul’ and have always told us that we are the result of combination of carbons , proteins , water and a few inorganic and organic molecules . WE LIVE, REPRODUCE, AND WE DIE and this cycle goes on and on …

According to Psychology Today , there’s a new theory which has challenged our beliefs called , ‘BIOCENTRICISM’. It challenges our materialistic point of view towards life . We are more than this body . Even Quantum Mechanics believe in another dimension whether we believe it or not?

In the past , people used to believe in flat earth theory , but does that mean Earth became flat?

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Since the beginning our minds are conditioned in such a way that we assume ‘money is god’ , without money we all cannot survive . I know its true in a way but Its partially ! You See that we get our daily bread in exchange of money and its the major part of our lives .Around 90,000 hours of our lives our spent running to catch money . As soon as we get money , we crave for more . Isn’t that true?

A man named Josh was a quite successful man . He was the multibillionaire . He did a lot of hard work or we can say the work to earn money but also he destroyed a thousands of lives . He used to sell drugs in schools and collages . But one day he was resting in his luxurious house and soon was arrested by police . He was given a death sentence for spoiling many youths . And he was betrayed by his own helping hand and best friend . He died when he was only 33 years old!

Did he take all the money with him after death? So , his entire life was spent uselessly in catching money by hook or by crook. But when he thought that he would now live in peace then Karma played well!

I’m not here to give you some sort of useless lecture . Rest the decision whether to go by values to earn money or shortcut method!!


The Nature’s Rule

Our Life is made by the death of others

Leonardo da Vinci

when I was a little kid I was so sure about Life . I had a perfect plan like where to live , what to do . But any of plans didn’t included death . Death is universal , inevitable but frightening . The Question I asked my grandmother again and again that Why was I born when ultimately I have to die ?

She used to laugh at my question and used to say that , ” It is the rule of nature . But you have plenty of time to figure out what to do and universe will give you the answers when you will be ready” . I went straight to my room , opened the wardrobe and took out my party wear . I went to her and said , ” I’m ready now . Please tell the universe that I’m ready!!” . I was thrilled but she laughed and wrapped her arms around me . ” My Dear , when you’ll be of my age you will know”

We shared an unusual bond . We fought , we loved , we irritated each other but still were together without any malice .

22nd July 2014,

She was admitted to the hospital just because she had a stroke . Doctors said that she was okay and we went inside the ward . She smiled , she said she was expecting that in her last time . Everyone consoled her that everything is going to be fine but she was certain that she was taking her last breaths …..

6th August 2014,

She took her last breath in ICU in pain and then suddenly she slept …… slept in the arms of Death .

I was sad , anxious and couldn’t accept the fact but I was glad that we spend some great time together and made lasting memories because at last you are going to take it only with you !

Nature works in a mysterious way . Sometimes it teaches you in a harsh way but at last , at some point in your life you’ll find satisfaction and at the very last end ‘PEACE’ . But who knows whether life before death is certain or whether you will find peace …. Only we can hope for because hope is all WE need!!!!

thanks for reading …………

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When will COVID -19 END ?

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Life has been different since the out break of corona virus . People who once dreamt of being at home for a long time to spend with their kids are having major problems coz trust me I’ve already heard a lot of complaints during quarantine . people who once said I don’t have the time to give to my partner they are now wanting a divorce . I mean where are we heading ? towards a blissful future or Towards a horrifying tomorrow ? Because Socrates once said ,

The answer your are looking for outside lies within yourself . All you have to do is know thyself !

SOCRATES ( D. 399 B.C )

NO one knows when this will end ! or perhaps it will not end !! Either way it is terrifying unless we master our inner self . All you have to do is remove the anxiety , be aware of your soul , meditate and try to converse with your inner being . The peace will surely come to you . Radiate love , I know it’s difficult at first but then you will start getting more and more happy and productive at the same time . Try utilize your time like that . Well ! I am not giving you lecture or something but telling you what is my experience is . Because if it works for me , it could for you ! BLESS YOU ALL !

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Once in the night full of stars,
musing o'er the beauty it contained .
Underneath my body there's my buddy , 
who went lost in the past memoirs .
Some good , some rough and some strained 
I wonder why negativity overpowers ourselves more effectively , 
rather than god's miraculous power . 
Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be a superstar ,
to be someone's idol ,
the one that can never be refrained .
And then a little voice came crashing inside me , 
"Thee moron , wherefore doubteth thy powers ,
at which hour everything yond is required 
is given to thee ; Just waketh up &
believe yourself is all thee needeth ."
The realization to the words were instant ,
as though it was said by some Shakespeare brilliant . 
Thus this all I needed to know ,
believe in your powers &
Good luck will instantly follow .
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My Quarantine Thoughts

Sitting in my home , watching the sunset 
then I realized the task I've given was so mundane 
Every talisman , every astrologer that I met 
told me to stay at home coz all your efforts for freedom would be in vein .
Take a chill pill and bring your mind to reset ,
coz for every situation you have set complaint  .
What's happening let it be and clear all your past debt .
I don't have power to let your issues entertain ,
you have what it needs to be successful then why to fret ?
now, close your eyes and better go to bed 
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Oft I smile when I see people thinkin’

about others’ wrong deeds .

something which they think , they really can’t begin

but whether consciously or not , they also becomes the part of the sin …

What sin you shall be ponderin’

these are deeds which aren’t separable with creeds ,

Hindu , Muslim , Christian or Sikh all are one

Can’t you see , the God pleads…

Again someone said , “We are different , and belongs to different cultures why are you ignoring?”

“Oh! I see , the grin is too deep ” said the god concerning .

For humanity is losing its faith , and

circumstances are too drastic .

They can’t see what I see


Dear Amara

I have seen many people around me who’re always unhappy for their situation . Let me clear it with an example , Let us suppose any person ‘A’ , is a student and do nothing except roaming aimlessly , bunking classes and then there is another person ‘B’ , who is working and earning a six figure salary and is unhappy . Now , I know most of the people will say that person ‘B’ is lucky , earning a six figure salary and what do he need more ?! But .. But my dear , that’s where you’re wrong . At some point He met person ‘A’ and starts thinking and comparing himself with him like ” He is a student , and has a option to pursue his dreams ….” etc …etc… While person ‘A’ starts comparing himself with person ‘B’ . A funny situation but at the same time TRUE .

The only similarity between these two are that they both think that they don’t have time and that’s what is the definition of Aimless Wondering . Now as you have understand a little bit about the story , I’ll tell you , what happened that moved me to write this post ! I won’t reveal the exact name , so in this story let us suppose her name to be ‘Amara’

I was in 8th class , when I first met Amara . I do remember her as the round face , short height ( approximately 5 feet , coz she was shorter than me somehow) and a wheat-ish complexion but one thing I disliked about her appearance was her pierced nose . Obviously , in rural backgrounds it’s common but it never suited her according to me . Her life was a terrible tragedy . She wasn’t treated well in her family , because she was adopted . Actually , when she was juvenile , her father ( so called) adopted her from his elder brother as he wasn’t getting any kids . But after 4 years of her adoption , his wife had a child then two years later another . So , Amara was completely neglected and even now treated as servant by her foster mother . When her biological parents tried to get her back , they denied . So , that’s how her life was been . Its like that when need is over who you are to me ?

By the way , we all are here just because of Destiny and her destiny , only god knows . When we were in 11th class , she had dreamed of becoming a historian but ended up with me in 11th medical . Her foster Dad was an Army person . He was on duty most of the times on border and the only reason she was with them was that he loved Amara , like his real daughter unlike his wife . His dream was to see her becoming a world class surgeon . She agreed in order to see his dad happy but the burden was killing her day by day . One thing she used to mention me was that , ” Pari , I know one thing , if I became a doctor , he would be happy and i want to see him happy” she said with lot of enthusiasm but as the time passed by dialogue remained the same but her excitement decreased . After 12th class , she went to Delhi for MBBS coaching in Akash Institute . There she struggled to fulfill her father’s dream and whenever she called me she tried to compare her life with my life that I got my book published , I am pursuing my dreams but her dream was forbidden . It irritated me a lot , and I started getting her negative vibes . I tried to motivate her but her mind wasn’t ready to accept her current situation and work on it . Soon , I got a news that she was found dead in her hostel room by drug overdose , while her room mate was on vacation to her home . It is still a shock to me that she used to do drugs . She once said she wanted to become a famous person . She indeed remained in the headlines for weeks , but the cause was her suicide ….

I am sharing with all of you the letter which I wrote her when she was probably sane .. ..


Life is the most precious gift . I have heard it somewhere that ‘ don’t compare your chapter 1 with anyone’s chapter 20 but Amara not everybody’s chapter 1 is same . As all five fingers of your hand are not the same , so as everyone’s destiny . Sometimes God tests you , punishes you as well for your negative behaviour and for most all tests that if the soul is ready to receive abundance or not ! God never puts you in a situation in which your life will be spoiled . Sometimes you are just on a different path but journey is same. Don’t be upset as results are not visible above the surface but god is working in a way you will be shocked in future . Its the duty of negativity to bring our positive vibration down but Its our duty to face it with enthusiasm and say to the devils who want to bring us down that ” You can’t win Devil . I believe in god and come what may in the way , I know I’m getting what I desired all the way!” .

Have faith , you know even Colonel Sanders completed his dream at the age of 65 and now KFC is a brand . There is no need to compare their wealth with yours . You have to take motivation from them that if they can , I can , no matter come what may! But only to achieve your pure bliss ….




Life is short , Lets LIVE

I was wondering that if you only have 1 day to live , what will you do ? In my case i would spend half of the day writing and recording most of the wisdom or knowledge that i acquired throughout my life and rest will spend with my beloved people . Well ! now I am going to tell you a story which moved me and made me cry for almost 3 days continuously !

I learned a secret from my great grand mother during my childhood that “you can never please everyone . there will be people who will try to nullify your confidence , your faith in god and that’s where your test will begin . God will test you , make you suffer ( only for Good) but not for so long . by the time you will be like a diamond , results of your efforts will appear” . But since the beginning she wasn’t that type of tolerable lady ….

During 1947 partition of India , she found out real meaning of life , which perhaps our generation is getting amid COVID-19 . By the time , partition was announced she was living with her husband and kids in Patna . And at about Midnight , she heard people crying and yelling ‘HELP’ . She got scared , she knew that partition was going to happen but with that violence she never thought . My great grand father knew this violence was going to happen . She panicked at first but her husband calmed her down and suddenly someone started knocking their door furiously . This made the condition worse . She muffled her voice with her hand and of her baby boy as well . My great grand father took a deep breath and with chanting ‘ Ram Ram’ opened the door a little . It was Nadeem , his best friend . ” brother , don’t worry , just take bhabhi g and munna to our house , hurry they are about to burn your house” he said . He placed his hand on his shoulder and said , ” Trust me brother , we are together for years and my allah don’t give permission to kill innocents” . My great grand father had no choice but to trust him and he left rest to god . They rushed to Nadeem’s house where his wife was doing arrangements in order to hide them . for two days they were hidden in the store room and then something unexpected happened . A huge crowd was killing people incessantly . Then Nadeem’s house was also became victim to such violence . As my grand father heard that he went outside to calm those 5 people who invaded Nadeem’s house but it was too late . One man slit the throat of Nadeem in front of him leaving a splash of his blood on his face and a deep wound in his heart . Same happened with his wife as well and his 15 year old son . Suddenly past memories started playing in front of his eyes that how he befriended Nadeem and they were brothers from different mothers and the celebration of friendship . When they were about to harm him , suddenly my great grand mother rushed to them , and convinced them to leave him . They left and one of the man handed pistil in his hand as to save his family , while he was still in shock . He hugged her and said , ” This is not about hindu or muslim . they are not either . they are devils in human form” and he cried . She never saw her husband crying and she couldn’t resist her tears as well .

Well ! they survived but still the wound that Nadeem’s death caused to him , accompanied him until his death . I never saw him in person , all I know about him is what she had told me and Indeed he was a great friend . He spend his last breaths repenting over his bestie’s death . He wrote many letters and diary entry describing his guilt and pain . These letters led my great grand mother figure out that ‘ Destiny has its own plans for everyone and no one can change it’ . His guilt never provided him peace not even when his soul was about to leave his body . There is a sying that Let the bygones be the bygones and live now !

It’s okay

Whether you are happy or not ! Whether you are rich or not !

Life never fails anyone and I’m sure your time to shine would surely come

Till then wait and smile and remember everything is alright .

Do what is needed and smile to gain strength coz I know that pain will soon end

It’s okay , where you are now coz hustle wouldn’t get you anywhere !

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